Fusion Witham Associate Centre

Our Associate centre in Witham is an expansion of the work of 2nd Witham Boys' Brigade and Girls' Association. Keith and Jason are leading a team of volunteers and developing an integrated strategy for community mission and reaching the young people in the area, providing opportunities for commitment to Christ and bridging them into the life of the local church. 

Here’s an overview of what they are up to. 

In Witham, the work has centered around three areas to engage as many youth as possible in the town:

Youth and Community

Drop in football, Mash-Up, local open-crowd festivals, Tour de Witham and #TeamWitham are opportunities for staff and volunteers to work with young people and families in the greater Witham community on their own doorsteps. One of the main draws for the young people is the football drop in session on Mondays – around 50 kids come in to play some football with us! We also collaborate with churches for the medieval fare, and help run the annual holiday club with United Reform Church.These interactive and regular activities build relationships between individuals, helping them to connect with one another and to the community as a whole.


Christian Youth Outreach (CYO)

Two part time staff lead assemblies, lessons, lunch clubs and various other activities in 12 local schools, primary and secondary. We lead an assembly every term in every school in Witham! We also provide one-off or annual activities such as an Advent Pageant and Holiday Club.


Witham BB

The Boys’ Brigade was founded 1883 in Scotland and 1972 in Witham. At weekly meetings at Guithavon Valley Evangelical Church, adult volunteers provide wholesome programs to boys and girls; devotionals, crafts, activities, and sports centered around the four “Fs” – have FUN, build FRIENDSHIPS, understand FAITH and explore FULLNESS of life. We have the Anchor and Junior programs for around 50 primary age children, and we have the Company and Senior Programs for 24 adolescents. We also run an after school club on Wednesdays for teenagers where we provide milkshakes and sometimes food for the young people.

Working toward the advancement of Christ’s Kingdom, we believe in young people and put them first in all we do, helping them to reach their full potential as they journey from childhood into adulthood fulfilling the vision: “Building confident, capable, articulate and experienced young people who are aware of local challenges and opportunities, with the knowledge, contacts, health and base skills to irrepressibly influence and lead the future of both their own lives and the life of Witham.” (Lorne Campbell, 2015)