Resourcing You


Open Crowd Festivals

Discover everything you need to know to run and Open Crowd Festival in your neighbourhood… and even provide training for your team.

6 Radical Decisions

How Small groups of Christ Followers can change the world through Kingdom Cells.

Youth Work Underpinning Knowledge

Your Youth Program or Café can be more than just a series of activities for young people to engage with. It can be a place where effective mentoring can take place and lives can change in the context of a positive life giving culture. All you need to help your youth team understand and apply some key tools for transformative youth work.

Awakening 2000 Manuals

Click here to access the Drop-in Centre Manual mentioned in Underpinning Knowledge: Youth Cafés

Street Parties and more…

Wondering how to build community in your street or where to start when planning your own Street Party? You'll find some helpful resources and a step by step guide that will have your street party up and happening in just a few weeks!

Services We Can Provide

We are pleased to be able to provide a range of services to churches and other groups wanting to move forward in transformative youth and community mission. Our main areas of expertise are youth work, community development and a long term, holistic approach to mission. As such we can help with strategic missional development, bespoke training, event management and support, group processes, networking and much more.