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Excerpts from Books

The Divine Art of Networking by Mal Garvin. (currently out of print)

Click on the button below to read a chapter in which Mal Garvin discusses the four key players pivotal in the birth and sustenance of any movement.

(used with permission.)

Us Aussies by Mal Garvin. (you can get your copy here)

The following is an exert from the book in which Mal Garvin discusses the nature and role of social myth in the formation of a culture and narrative of a people: Myth pg 157-160 Us Aussies

(used with permission)


Recommended Books

Believing in Britain -  The Spiritual Identity of 'Britishness'. Author: Ian Bradley

recommended to us by Ian Bradley.

Why is there such intense interest today in the idea of 'Britishness'? Does it really matter, and what is 'Britishness' anyway? Why does the notion of 'being British' seem to have most resonance amongst recent immigrant - especially Asian and Afro-Caribbean - communities? And why is that 'traditional' British values now seem to be most widely practised and cherished by newcomers, not by the dominant majority? This book answers these vital questions by making a unique contribution to the current debate about British identity.


A New Christian Manifesto - Pledging Allegiance to the Kingdom of God. Author Bob Ekblad.

recommended to us by Andy Flannagan

Bob Ekblad delivers a radical new reading of the Lord's Prayer by arguing that there are earthly power structures and allegiances that prevent God's kingdom from coming "on earth as in heaven." Drawing on his experiences in ministry with marginalized people and his understanding of the Bible, Ekblad calls the church to follow Jesus by seeking its own deliverance from these structures, and to recognize people on the margins as the most receptive to becoming agents of transformation. A New Christian Manifesto urges Christians to break down barriers to join Jesus in a movement that includes recruiting, healing, empowering, and setting out to achieve an ultimate victory of the cross.

St Aidan's Way of Mission: Celtic Insights for a Post-Christian World                               

Surveying the life and times of Aidan of Lindisfarne, this book draws insights into missional approaches to inspire both outreach and discipleship for today's Church. As in his previous BRF book, Hilda of Whitby, Ray Simpson shows that such figures from past centuries can provide models for Christian life and witness today. An author and speaker on Celtic spirituality with a worldwide reputation, he combines historical fact with spiritual lessons in a highly accessible style.

Web Links

The following are a sample of letters and manifestos that have been published in recent months and form part of this exciting dialogue.

'What Kind of Nation' Manifesto by the Scottish Evangelical Alliance.

British Values : Evangelical Alliance survey of 1730 evangelicals on the subject.

The Black Church Political Manifesto  25th Feb 2015

Catholic Bishops Letter pre election   24th Feb 2015

'Who is my neighbour?' pastoral letter from the Anglican Bishops  17th Feb 2015

Justin Welby's speech in the Lords' debate on Iraq 29th Sept 2014

Justin Welby's article responding to ISIS and Jihadism