The Families Course

Connection Nurture Growth

The Families Course covers eight key areas of family relationships and forms a framework to build a healthy, strong and loving family life - whatever your family looks like. 

Sessions include presentations by trained Families Course educators, discussion and sharing of ideas to equip families at all stages.

"I'm feeling more empowered to know what I'm doing... hold boundaries without thinking the kids won't like me and be more conscious of stopping and listening."

Course participant. 

The Families Course was developed by Fusion Western Sydney, one of Fusion's eight centres in New South Wales, Australia. Fusion Y&C UK is excited to bring it to the UK as a response to needs expressed in the communities we are part of.


The sessions covered in the course: 

Session One: Foundations for Families

Session Two: Building Nurturing Skills

Session Three: Understanding Ages and Stages

Session Four: Being Positive

Session Five: Building Honest Relationships

Session Six: Independence

Session Seven: Dealing with Conflict

Session Eight: Discipline


Courses are being run regularly in South Reading and we hope shortly in South Oxfordshire. 

Following this link to find the details of the next course near you.