About Fusion Y&C UK

Who we are


Fusion Y&C UK is a community…

of friends, staff, team and volunteers; from all walks of life and different nationalities; singles, marrieds and families; old and young; individuals, groups, organisations and churches.

As a Christ centred community we choose a life of mission, fellowship and service; our staff and team members are entirely self-supported. In many ways we are a model of a modern monastic community.

Our Calling is …

Together: Giving All. Finding Life. Bringing Hope

Our goal is to take whatever initiatives are necessary to see God’s goodness and his ‘Shalom’ expressed and experienced in our neighbourhood, across the UK and the whole world. We want to see the transformation of our nation, and we believe that the life and love of Christ in action, and the core values of our faith hold the key to a healthy, purposeful life as individuals, communities and a whole society.

How We Operate


Fusion Y&C UK’s special ministry is to take whatever initiatives are necessary to see God’s goodness and his 'Shalom' expressed and experienced in the UK and the whole world.
We do this through

Local youth and community work.

Supporting and equipping the body of Christ across the UK for effective local mission and discipleship. Supporting and equipping people of peace across the UK for effective values based community transformation.

Calling our nation back to its redemptive narrative and seeing our society and culture transformed through the adoption once again of values like justice, mercy and compassion; care, hospitality and generosity.

Fusion Y&C UK is a registered charity (#1112078). Our object as a Charity is to advance Christianity for the benefit of the public. We work specifically with disadvantaged children and young people to see them increasingly realise their potential for a positive, hope filled life within the context of their community.

We believe that the fragmentation of individual lives is directly linked to the fragmentation of families, communities and our society. We believe that the restoration of individual lives is directly correlated to the restoration of and the welfare (shalom) of families, communities and our society. We believe that this restoration can only happen by the work of Christ amongst us.

We are therefore holistic and systemic in our approach, working not only with individual young people but also with their networks and community. When equipping others for effective local mission, we help them adopt an holistic and systemic approach as well. We network, and encourage others to network, with government agencies, churches and Christian organisations, the police, businesses and other people of peace - stakeholders in the welfare of the community and its young people.

We believe that as justice, mercy, compassion and other similar Godly values, are reintroduced into the fabric of a community, life, hope and wholeness can flourish.

Our strategy for seeing the restoration of individuals, families, communities, sectors and society consists of eight components.
1. Prayer – listening to God.
2. Research – listening to the people.
3. Broad Legitimate Contact – engaging with and being present to the community in appropriate, non-weird, socially acceptable ways!
4. Role Modelling – doing life together.
5. Education – explaining values and faith.
6. Opportunity for Commitment to Christ – crossing the line - for those who want to.
7. Integration into a Local Worshiping Community – plugging in.
8. Finding one’s place in God’s local and global purpose – getting stuck in.

Fusion Y&C UK is part of an International Movement and as such is greatly enriched by the fellowship of others from across the world who have made the same commitments in their local settings. Being in a relatively resource positive position, Fusion Y&C UK provides much needed support to teams particularly across Europe and Africa in the areas of leadership, mentoring, training and, where possible, finances.