Fusion Whitley (Reading)

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Much is happening in Whitley!
We are the national headquarters of Fusion Youth and Community UK. Anika Parker and Claire Bankole have been busily working away, ensuring that the community is flourishing and the festivals are well done. Skye sadly moved back to Australia over the summer, where she hopes to pursue what God is calling her to in film and media.

The Fusion team has been working with the leaders of 8-10 churches in Whitley for many years, supporting them in the development of their annual South Reading Fun Day.

We also have community dinners once a month, several festivals every year, and we have many prayer meetings for Whitley!

Whitley Research Report

In February 2015 the Fusion Whitley team launched the finds from their research into the needs and resources of the Youth and Community of Whitley. Take a look and see what they discovered.

One of the initiatives resulting from the report is the People of Whitley media project, honouring the inhabitants of the area. Do have a look at the stories posted so far.

Another new intern!

We have a new intern, Peter Cuthbert, who has joined us for a year as he explores God’s calling on his life. He is currently working with the team on the Re:Start project, and you can read more about life as an intern on our ‘Intern with us Page’.

At the moment...

We gather to pray every Wednesday with the local youth workers and schools workers, and we also support the work on the ground in the schools and the local churches. 

We are currently working in close partnership with the John Madejski Academy. We are just about to start our Re:Start program: a life affirming program designed to reinvigorate aspirations which will hopefully carry on for several years.

We have also just started another Foundations course with a group of ten committed individuals. This looks to be just as exciting and growing as always!

We are running the dealing with depression course again, which looks to be a series of really helpful sessions for both sufferers and carers. We are also running the new families course for the first time – which should be an exciting way to promote strong and healthy family relationships! As you can see it’s a very busy time for us!