Fusion Whitley (Reading)

Claire Bankole and Anika Parker moved to Whitley, Reading in April 2014 and were joined by Skye Leon in July 2014. This is now the national headquarters for Fusion Youth and Community in the UK.

The Fusion team had been working with the leaders of 8-10 churches in Whitley for 9 years, supporting them in the development of their annual South Reading Fun Day. Excited to build on this partnership, they are now in the process of conducting a research project in Whitley which will serve to inform Fusion and the churches in the area as together they develop a strategy for local youth and community mission and discipleship.

Whitley Research Report

In February 2015 the Fusion Whitley team launched the finds from their research into the needs and resources of the Youth and Community of Whitley. Take a look and see what they discovered.

Our first GEM intern!

The team have recently been joined by GEM intern, Renee Austin Harvey from Delaware, USA. Renee is with them until mid August. Her primary project is the People of Whitley initiative which is part of the Honour Whitley Campaign - one of the recommendations that came out of the team's Whitley Research findings. You can check it out on the button below .

At the moment...

The team are halfway through teaching Fusion's 'Foundations for Life and Mission' discipleship and leadership course with a group of local Christians.

We are gathering to pray every Wednesday with the local youth workers and schools workers, as well as supporting the work on the ground in the schools and the local churches. Collaboration is taking place with local council and other agencies on a number of exciting fronts.

All of these things are as a result of the findings from our research project. Life is indeed getting busy!

Youth Leaders Conference

Coming up on the 5th of March 2016 is our first youth leaders conference to be held in Reading. This day is open to all from across the city and region.