Fusion Wheatley Associate Centre

Wheatley is where Marty and Jenny Woods first arrived in the UK when they came in 2003 to both establish a local work here and build networks in Greece in preparation for the Athen’s Olympics’ outreach. (Fusion had been invited by the Christian community to assist local churches in making the most of Olympics moment as an opportunity for community engagement.) In 2014 the local team of about 30 volunteers and a handful of Fusion team members, became a Fusion Associate Centre. The work there includes an annual St George’s day community festival as well as an Advent Pageant and Harvest Festival most years. There is a weekly kids club run during term time and an annual holiday club which is booked out within 2 hours of registrations opening each year. Youth work includes a youth club, discipleship group and involvement in the community events and the summer holiday club as peer leaders.

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