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Fusion International

Fusion Y&C UK is part of an international movement with local Fusion teams in 15 countries. Fusion began in 1960 and was Founded by Mal Garvin. It was originally a team of youth workers reaching out to teenagers on the fringes of society and well outside the church. Out of necessity the focus expanded to involve working with the young people’s families and communities, and even advocacy work on a national social policy level. From its beginnings Fusion has always sought to find relevant responses to the needs of young people they worked with, this has resulted in a high value placed on innovation and creativity in connecting, mentoring, and social action.

Visit our Fusion Centres overseas: (not all are listed here for reasons of sensitivity)
Fusion Canada – focus festivals and generating resource. Fusion Canada Facebook.
Fusion Jamaica – focus kids work, youth work and community events. Fusion Jamaica Faceboook.
Fusion Brazil – focus community work
Fusion Albania – focus youth and community transformation, use of drama is key.
Fusion Greece – focus youth, kids and community work, use of video and social networking key. Fusion Greece Facebook.
Fusion Poland – focus on kids work, discipleship conferences and worshops. Fusion Poland Facebook.
Fusion Nigeria – focus kids and youth work, peace and reconciliation work in schools. Fusion Nigeria Facebook.
Fusion Ghana – focus youth and community work – sports and a water project are key.
Fusion South Africa – focus schools work and community work – chaplaincy is the key to the work.
Fusion South Asia – focus on kids work and working with university students.
Fusion Nepal – focus on kids and youth work.
Fusion Indonesia – focus on kids and youth work.
Fusion Australia – focus on youth and community work, intentional community, accommodation and employment services for the vulnerable are all key.

if you would like to find out more about the team and work in any of these countries, please contact us Fusion Y&C UK.