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Interning in Reading, Berkshire.

The Fusion team in Reading need two great interns to work with them in responding to the opportunities that have emerged over the last year. Interns will be part of the core team but supported and mentored in their discipleship journey, in leadership, youth work and community work. They will take part in current schools work programs as well as a mentoring program we will be starting with local high school students in September 2017. They will help design new programs as part of the local churches joint mission strategy for reaching young people and young families in the community, this will include getting involved with church based youth groups as well as running evangelistic events. They will actively engage with other agencies as well as the various churches working in the community. They will help run community building events and take part in our Summer Mission Intensive. The team have a rhythm of prayer and fellowship that interns will be part of on a daily, weekly and monthly basis, these rhythms involve Christians from across the community. (see below) 

A little more detail...

As a 10-12 month intern with Fusion Y&C UK you will take part in Fusion’s Foundations for Life and Ministry course and Fusion’s School of Mission (you may be able to achieve a qualification in Youth Work Practice as a result), you will also be encouraged to participate in Fusion’s Summer Mission Intensive (a transformational pilgrimage experience). You will be expected to function as a team member in the Fusion Centre where you are placed (with plenty of grace as you learn the ropes!). As such you will take part in the daily, weekly, monthly and annual rhythms of prayer, fellowship and the God’s Word that form the foundation of Fusion team life and ministry. You will gain experience in Youth work (eg: youth cafes, youth day trips, detached work, schools work and discipleship groups), Kids work and in community work (eg: research, Open Crowd festivals, street parties, messy church, advent pageants, etc).  If you have specific areas of interest and skill you would like to develop in the context of the mission of your Fusion Center, we will work with you to find ways of doing that too! There is also a high probability you will have the opportunity of visiting some of our centers overseas.
As an intern you will have weekly or fortnightly meetings with your designated Fusion staff member, who’s job it is to know how you are doing and support you in anyway needed.
At the end of your internship you will receive a statement detailing the competencies you have developed during your time with Fusion.

Costs: £950 pcm (or £400pcm without Accom & living exp - we can also help with fundraising.) 

Accommodation: host family or shared house.

Start: 3/09/2017 with a training course in Greece (flights not included in internship fees)

Length: 10-12 months.

If this sounds like something you would like to do, please contact us!

An Intern's Diary


Peter Cuthbert

I am a fresh intern in Fusion, having only just spent a couple of weeks with them at this point. I am already loving it! 😀

I am hoping to learn a great deal from this internship. At the moment I have just graduated from Cambridge University having studied English, and am investigating a call to ministry. I am eager to observe how a Christian charity combines evangelistic mission with a focus on building and sustaining community. I am excited to help out with their programs developing youth, especially those that target young people who might otherwise be overlooked or ostracised.

 I have been into the JMA several times now, and have been inspired by observing the reputation Fusion has with both staff and students. I cannot wait to be a part of helping this community here in Whitley.

My favourite interests include Star Wars, video games, and epic poetry. You ever feel like debating the similarities between star wars and medieval heritage stories, feel free to give me a call! I also love reading old bibles, watching films old and new, and listening to classic rock and heavy metal.

I cannot wait to get stuck in and enjoy the Fusion internship! 🙂

Renee Austin Harvey

I have been in the United Kingdom working with Fusion YAC for a little over three months. These months have been exciting and a new experience for me. This is my third time in the UK, but the longest amount of time spent here. Going from being a short visitor to a long stay has taken some adjustment in terms of culture and change of pace as far as work goes.

            A highlight for me work wise comes down to two things. The first being the school’s work that I have been apart of. Learn4life goes into two Whitley schools once a week and I have partnered with them and I have enjoyed myself each week. Not only does it get me out of the office and getting interactive, but also I get to know and pour into the lives of young people. The group of girls has been vastly consistent and it’s been a joy to connect with them in a public school setting. The second highlight for me has to be launching and running the People of Whitley Facebook page. The chance to interview locals and hearing what inspires them has inspired me in knowing that no matter where you are, people have dreams, hopes, fears and even failures. We are all human and that is something we all have at least in common with each other.

The hardest part for me work wise has to be the schedule of everything. I traditionally have always worked with a very consistent schedule in that nothing really changes day to day. I show up, I complete a task and then I go home. Where with Fusion, things change from week to week sometimes, and it was hard for me to keep up at first. Not to say that this is horrible, because I have enjoyed it, but I have had to keep a record of what is coming up and what’s happening.

            A highlight of living in the UK is definitely everything. I seriously do love it in England. I am at the point of my internship that I forget that I am in another country and things feel so normal to me now. At first I would look at everything and think “oh, that’s so English!” Now it’s more like a “oh.” I have fully loved biking and relying on public transportation. While I cannot drive or afford a car during my time here, there has been so much freedom in knowing that I can figure out the bus system or figure out which train to catch into London without anyone’s help. Coming from a culture where public transportation is not as widely used, it has been fun to trust the system and rely heavily on it.

The only downfall I can think of living in the UK is the exchange rate. But on a serious note, I find shops close rather early on this side of the pond. This makes for a nice working environment for employees, but if it’s a Wednesday night and I want to pop into town for something or I’m bored, I’ll find the exciting shops closed which is strange when everything is open late in America.

            With that being said, my time so far has been excellent. I’ve enjoyed myself so much and the work I am doing, that I am inquiring about coming back long term! This internship has taught me so much and I have really learned how to press into a more intentional prayer life. I have also seen what it really means to live in community and to help equip believers and non-believers to reach their full potential as God created it to be. I came here with the prayer that God would confirm that this is what God would have me do, as I move home and find a job, I’ll be preparing to make my way back to the side of the world in hopes to serve long-term.

Until next time,


Ashley Yates

I’ve been in the UK as an intern with Fusion and GEM (Greater Europe Mission) since the end of January. It’ll be 11 months in total by the time I get back stateside. Eleven months I’ve spent in this country and around 10 ½ months working with the Fusion team. I feel as if this past "almost year" has flown by and I can’t really believe that my time here is coming to an end.

During the past 10 ½ months, I’ve had so many work-related highlights that it’s difficult for me to pair them down into just a few sentences. I’ve so enjoyed being able to get involved with the schools work with the Learn4Life team. Whether that’s helping out with Discovery Club at RGS, going into JMA and being a part of the Family Lunches that’s recently started up, or being a part of the Fusion-led Fun Day Training with the Year 9s. It’s been fantastic to be able to pour into the lives of the youth here. I’ve also loved helping out at Play Barn (a mum & tots group) on Friday mornings at St. Paul’s in Whitley Wood. It’s such a relaxed atmosphere and such a blessing to the mums in the community.

I’ve also been so incredibly blessed to be a part of the Messy Church team at St. Barnabas. There is just something about Messy Church that I particularly enjoy. I think it may be the fact that it’s a group of people who desperately love Jesus and want to share who He is to the community in a way that is not condemning, overpowering or uncomfortable. It’s natural and authentic; full of smiling faces and laughter. I adore it!

For some highlights of being able to live in the UK, well...I could go on and on for days. However, I don’t want to bore y’all, so I’ll attempt to keep it short and sweet. I’m a massive Austen fan, so most of the things revolving around “all things Austen”, I’ve particularly enjoyed. From visiting her house in Chawton, her grave in Winchester Cathedral, Bath & finally culminating at Chatsworth House (aka Pemberley). It was all so very lovely. But for the most part, just learning how to live and build a life here has been such a joy for me. England has stolen a piece of my heart and wedged itself so deep within, I’m not sure how I’m going to leave.

This year hasn’t always been easy. There have been times where it’s been outright difficult and I wanted nothing more than to go home to Texas. But I’ve stayed and God has been faithful to me throughout this time while taking me on one of the most difficult, yet rewarding journeys of my life. By choosing to push through and learn what it means to trust God with every single thing each and every day has allowed me to grow so much more than I would have had I been someplace else.

My original intention of choosing an 11 month internship was to begin to work out whether or not God is calling me to a life of full time overseas mission. Throughout this year, that has been my prayer, that He would clearly speak to me regarding this and I believe He has. I’m beginning the process of working with GEM (Greater Europe Mission, my sending agency) to come back to serve in the UK full time. Spending the past year in the UK has changed me. I think I can safely say that the girl who is leaving in a few days is not the same one that stepped off the plane all those months ago. And that is the best thing that I can think of to possibly say about me and my time spent here. I’ve changed for the better and I have England to thank for that.