Street Party Preparations

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Your Step by Step Guide to Run a Street Party

Prepare for the day of the Street party.

Begin to gather supplies based on your theme - decorations, bunting, cutlery, plates, tablecloths, serviettes etc

Start thinking about the programme for the day and the layout of your street party. How much room do you have to congregate? Where should the food be placed?

What games and activities will serve to bring the community together? Don’t leave it till the day of the Street party - start thinking about it now. Does your selection of games include icebreakers, all-age activities, something physical for the kids, an activity to stretch the mind, some friendly competition, some weather appropriate games, and a group activity? See Fusion Y&C UK’s Street Party Games & Activities resource for further explanations and assistance.


Start with an activity to get people circulating. An “icebreaker” such as “the Autograph Game” is a pen & paper activity with lots of questions and is a great way to break the ice. Or you could play Celebrity Heads. When people arrive a sticker with a name is put on their back or forehead and they must circulate and ask questions to find out who they are. Be sensitive. Some may be new to the street and not know many neighbours whilst others may be quiet and need encouragement to join in. As new people arrive, make sure someone is on hand to explain the current activity so they can participate, too.

Try to involve all ages, the kids, too. Choose some different activities for younger age groups – e.g. face painting, badge making, Play Doh, a small sand pit. Have a rug and some soft toys for any babies. Don’t forget some chairs so those looking after the little ones have somewhere to congregate and some shade if it’s hot.

Having a variety of activities is likely to keep the kids busy and happy. It will also help to involve everyone so the Street Party is not just talking and eating. Have different people supervise an activity as well as participate.

Some other ideas to include in your Street Party include a Quiz, Face Painting, Balloon Modelling, Lego Competition, Cake Competition, Biscuit Decorating, Dog Show, Plant Swap Stall, Giant Jenga, Pass the Parcel, Tombola, Talent Show, Hat Competition, Puppet Making, Musical Chairs - include an adults game for a bit of fun, Pin the tail on the Donkey, Coconut Shy, Splat the Rat, Aunt Sally, Bouncy Castle, a History of the street (board/display), matching facts/baby photo to neighbours and Karaoke.


If you want to increase face-to-face contact with neighbours, have someone take group photos of each family and then print and deliver them to each family home.


After a time, everyone will relax, be less self-conscious and more willing to participate in some fun games with others. Make sure you’ve checked the street for its suitability e.g. running races on tarmac (asphalt) may not be a good idea. Suggestions include “In the Pond/Out the Pond”, Water Balloon Volleyball, Limbo, Sack Race, Egg & Spoon Race, Tug of War, a 3-Legged Race with family members, “What’s the Time Mr. Wolf?” Duck, Duck, Goose, Giant Beach Ball in the Air, Wellie Boot Throwing competition, Giant Tug of War - men against women, under 15’s against over 15’s, one side of your street against the other side.

Put up A3 sized Street Party posters in several house windows along the street as a reminder.