It’s Street Party Time

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Your Step by Step Guide to Run a Street Party

The waiting is over. It’s time for the event

Put up the bunting a day or two ahead of the street party. It will act as a reminder and get people excited. If it’s going across the road the bunting must be at least 5.8 metres high.


In the morning, put up any gazebos and arrange tables. It’s helpful to have someone on duty so people who arrive early with their garden furniture will know where they can place it. Let people bring things from home so they feel they are contributing.

Balloons add a nice festive touch.

On the day, most people are happy to join a rota (or roster) for serving drinks or being available to open the road barriers if necessary.

You must also display a copy of the TEN where it can be easily seen.

When people arrive, have a friendly face to welcome them. Try to have someone who already knows many people in the street. Hand out nametags with both name and street number. Make it large enough for all to be able to read it.

Some popular music playing in the background will add to the party atmosphere.

You may have latecomers. Try to have someone on the lookout to welcome them so they feel included straight away.

People will often have other commitments so there will always be comings and goings from the street party. That’s part of its attraction. Some may even pop home for a bit before returning. And of course most people will return home to use their own bathroom. People with children may need to leave early and others will want to stay on even when it’s pack up time. Friends realized this and got out the BBQ despite not having any meat in their own fridge, and many more people enjoyed an impromptu evening. Stay flexible.

See if some of the teenagers will lead a simple game, like Duck, duck, goose or Simon Says. Invite some children to model some of the dance moves.

Some people may prefer to sit and watch the games from the safety of the sidelines, particularly the older neighbours, but they are still able to enjoy it and feel a sense of belonging.

Towards the end of the Street Party, some will be ready for community dancing. Perhaps someone could teach a Zumba dance. Favourites are YMCA by Village People, Superman by Blacklace, the Macarena, a Giant Conga Dance and My Big Fat Pony. The Hokey-Cokey is always a great way to finish.

When clearing up most people lend a hand. Have some bin bags and clearly marked recycling boxes on hand to make the job easier. Distribute the rubbish and recycling amongst a few neighbours. Make sure the street or area is left clean so there is little to complain about afterwards. Have a designated place for lost property.