Getting Started

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Your Step by Step Plan for Running a Street Party

Focus on getting support for your Street Party.

Everyone needs help to begin so let’s start with prayer. Share your desires with God. Tell Him what is on your heart. Invite Him into your circumstances so He can inspire you.

Find a friend who will encourage you...even if they just listen to your dreams for your street.

Do your homework. Have some idea of what you want to do & when you want to run it. E.g. The Big Lunch is the first Sunday in June

Gather support. Talk with a few neighbours you know about what you’d like to see happen in your street. Ask them what they think of the idea of a get together. Make it personal and relevant so the dream is big enough for them to find their place.

Once you’ve found some interested people invite them to a planning meeting. So everyone can feel heard it’s helpful to have the group number eight or less. This will ensure those who want to help shape the event can contribute. Find a mutually suitable time to have it at either someone’s place or a local venue. If people can’t come, you may still be able to get their ideas so you can present them at the meeting.

Street parties on quiet streets that don’t affect the wider road network count as small events. Read the details on your local council website as most councils require between 4-6 weeks notice. It will be useful information to bring to your planning meeting.