Follow Up & Debrief

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Your Step by Step Guide to Run a Street Party

Follow up after the street party

As your Street Party is finishing, use any excuse to keep the momentum going by having another event planned. Suggest a football game with anyone interested on the local sports field followed by a BBQ, a summer evening get together, an afternoon tea to show the photos, an evening movie night using a garage door for a screen, a Christmas party or drinks.

Share the idea of setting up a community website so the connections keeps building. There are lots of online social media platforms designed for connecting neighbours with each other with community notice boards, tools for making it easier to talk, share and plan with your street. It might be a private page on facebook, making use of or, which are all places where neighbours can share photos as well as local news, views, recommendations and resources.

Suggest a time for the planning team to debrief. Celebrate their achievements and hear their highlights and stories not only from the day but the neighbourhood chatter since the big day. Listen to any suggestions that might strengthen another event.

It’s easy to assume these days that everyone is technologically connected but there may be people, particularly older folk in the street without the Internet. Organise a showing of the street party photos at someone’s home and find out what they enjoyed about the Street Party. Take note of other ideas they might come up with for next time.

Expect your street to be different after the party. There might be more conversations on the street, an increase in car waving as people drive by or a thank you note in the letterbox. You may or may not know what the lasting legacy will be from what has taken place. Community doesn’t just happen. It needs a group of people to build it intentionally. Hopefully after your Street Party you are well on your way!