Quiz Night Fun!

Quiz Night Fun and Silent Auction

Fusion Whitley is very excited about the Quiz Night and Silent Auction happening this Friday!

So far the following groups have teams representing them on the night:

  • Christian Community Action - Oxford Rd.
  • Early Christian Fellowship Youth Group.
  • St Agnes, St Paul's and St Barnabas.
  • The Oxford Diocese.
  • The Well.

There are still tables free, so its not too late to join in the fun!

Generous friends from Bristol and Oxford have sent their apologies along with booking fees!! (we'll miss having you there, but thank you for the donation!).

Friends from Reading who would have loved to be with us (Quiz Fanatics!) but have other commitments that weekend, are baking cakes and contributing great items to the silent auction.

It has been wonderful to see everyone come together in this way, to make Friday a great night!

All proceeds from the night will be going to the work of Fusion in the UK, in particular to help us get the on the road and recruit interns, team and resource, as well as let people know how we can support them in youth and community mission.

If you haven't already, give us a call at the National / Whitley office or send us an email to book yourself a table at the quiz. Gather a team of 8 around you; get your quiz hats on; tap into your competitive streak; and prepare for a great evening! We can't wait to welcome you!

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