On the Fourth of July

Transforming Neighbourhoods: Discipling Communities

It was like a fresh breeze of the Holy Spirit on our faces – THANK YOU!

On the Fourth of July, we hosted the Reading Community Mission Training Day at Network Vineyard Church, Woodley Hill House. 37 local Christians and Church Leaders were in attendance as they had the option to attend two of six one-hour workshops. Claire set up the day with a Morning Session and introduced the purpose for the training and how important local mission is for churches. We explored both what it means to announce the Kingdom of God in everyday life in our neighbourhoods and what it means to disciple our communities. As the first session broke out, we saw a great response to each workshop with a high participation in Street Parties, Supporting Families and Parenting and Supporting Those with Depression and Anxiety.


During Morning Tea there was a lot of networking that took place. Multiple people from different churches sat with each other and discussed what they took away from their workshops and how it can be applied in their home churches. The workshop leaders also sat in and discussed their ideas further and got to hear from some of the people who sat in on their workshops. During Morning Tea, the Market Place was open where each person representing an organisation had more information. Some organisations in attendance are Christian Community Action, Readifood, Christians Against Poverty and GAP Education.


During the second Workshop time slot, the attendees were able to choose a second session that they did not attend before. Some workshops were booming with people while a few were intimate which allowed a more in-depth conversation around the topic. The day ended with everyone meeting in the main room where people shared how they had been inspired or what they had learned and appreciated about the morning. Finally, the group split into threes, praying for each other as they sought to love and reach their communities.

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