Who we are

Compelled by Christ's love, and as part of Christ's body in the world, Fusion, a youth and community movement exists to

  • bring hope at the point of despair
  • reconciliation in the face of division
  • community in the midst of fragmentation.

Fusion works for change in individual lives, growth in the Christian community and transformation within the nations it works within. It sees its calling to take whatever initiatives are necessary to see the Kingdom come and it works in fellowship with all Kingdom-hearted people and movements to see these goals realised.

History of Festivals. 40 years ago Fusion in Australia began exploring how it could more effectively reach people who weren’t part of the Christian community.  Experimenting with running Festivals at Agricultural Shows in Tasmania they found a means to contact over 80% of the population each year that attended Shows.

During the 1990’s over 2 million people came to this style of “Open Crowd” Festival across Australia. It became part of Olympic and World Cup events during the first decade of the 21st century and currently they take have taken place in 25 countries.

A significant contribution of the theory and driving force behind “Open Crowd” Festivals came from Fusion’s founder, Mal Garvin. Fusion acknowledges his significant role in creatively developing and shaping Festivals to the place where they are today.


The resources and material on this website are made available for you for free. If you would like to contribute towards our costs to maintain and develop these resources please make a donation towards our work. In the UK alone we are seeking in 2014 to resource and service 500 different communities as they run “Open Crowd” Festivals.

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