The six models of SportsFestivals

Outreach SportsFestivals
Festivals that proclaim
This approach understands the need to, and provides an opportunity to ‘declare and share’ the gospel
of Jesus Christ. It takes place in an environment where not yet believers are present and engage
with believers who are also demonstrating their faith and the love of God through interaction and/or
competition. The style and timing of proclamation depends on the festival type and can vary from a whole
group presentation before the start, during or at the end of competitive play, through to smaller group
evangelism in the midst of activities. Either way, there is a clear gospel ‘challenge’ with intentionally
organised follow-up procedures in place to embrace new converts and provide opportunities for ‘seekers’
to find out more.

Festivals that demonstrate Christian community
This approach understands mission as a process. A Sports Festival is an opportunity to build “legitimate
contact” with your community. At first, the connection to the community may be superficial and with little
or no overt evangelism. However behind it are often church teams committed and working together to
transform their community. These Festivals are a bridge to connect people to Christian communities. It is
an approach with clear-end goals in mind. The ultimate goals are community transformation and making

-Open Crowd Community Festivals
Developed in Australia by Fusion and now happening around the world

-Community Cup
Developed in the US.

-Whole Community Tournament Festivals
Developed in Africa by Fusion Nigeria.

Each provides a different way of connecting with your community
Discover the style of SportsFestival that would work best in your community and in your culture.
Then download the manual and learn more about how SportsFestivals work.

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