A Process of Mission

Your Festival is part of a bigger mission story in your community.  
Make it a chance to set up a rhythm of mission not just this year but to build on next year.

Process of Mission 

1. Prayer: The starting point isa heart for God and His will for the community.
For it to be changed as God intends, there always needs to be a sustained commitment to prayer.

2. Research: We also have our eyes and ears open to the needs and the available
resources of the community through various forms of research.

3. Broad Legitimate Contact: Contact is made with a significant number within the community,
in a way that builds legitimacy and trust e.g. an Open Crowd Festival

4. Role Modelling: This is quite literally rubbing shoulders with the community,
allowing them to see the difference faith and hope make in our daily responses to life.

5. Education: At this point in the process of Mission, trust has built and people are seeking to understand the difference they have been experiencing. Education now enables them to engage with God’s truth in a way that they can hear and understand

6. Opportunity for Commitment: While deeply respecting the individual’s need to choose for themselves,
this is where a clear opportunity to respond to God’s call on someone’s life is given.

7. Integration into a Local Worshipping Community: Intentionally
helping people find a community within the Body of Christ that they can belong to,
building on the relationships between the church and community that have formed.

8. Helping People Find their Role in God’s Global Purpose: The final goal of Mission
is to help people discover God's unique plan for their lives and to follow it wholeheartedly.

Festivals fit within Broad and Legitimate Contact and Role Modelling. There are some opportunities for education as people make friends for Jesus and get to talk one to one about faith.