“No-one works unless somebody prays.”

Mission and prayer go hand in hand. We want to encourage all those part of Festivals and particularly those in leadership roles to put prayer at the heart of all your planning and delivering of your Festival.

 “When we pray, God works. This is one of the great mysteries yet the amazing realities of faith. Yet prayer is challenging - it demands us to be patient, humble, persistent and courageous. And so I am delighted at all initiatives that encourage us in the work of prayer, especially those that work to build up the unity of believers across the barriers we invent.”
Justin Welby - The Archbishop of Canterbury

Make prayer the centre, start and finish of all you do. Pray for your street, your community, your friends and your Church. Pray God will show you what you need to do in your community and pray for a team to work alongside you. Be adventurous in prayer.
Try new ways of praying.
“Pray at all times” I Thessalonians 5:17


Prayer at planning stage

Look to God to guide in all that is planned to ensure His ideas are taken forward. If at all possible have all those involved in the initial planning to meet together to pray before committees are set up and roles chosen.

Prayer walk around the community venue

Look at your community afresh. Invite leaders to take some time in twos or threes to walk around the venue where you are planning to run your event and pray.
Ask God to shine His light and reveal His purposes

Prayer teams from local churches

Look out to the local churches. Get leaders together from different churches to explore how they could pray for the area and what prayer ideas can each offer.

Prayer Themes to consider


Planning and delivery of all aspects of the Festival.


Place(s) where the Festival is going to take place- praying for presence of Jesus to be experienced; for Gods protection, for it to be a safe place for all to meet.


  • People who will be invited…praying for them to be touched afresh by God’s love as expressed through the day.
  • People who will lead the Festival.
  • People who will be impacted– wider secular community – businesses, shops, schools, police, media, local Council.


Power of the good news to be communicated as your Festival takes place. Praying for friendships to develop, love to be shared whether in word, deed or prayer and Christians given opportunity to invite people to next steps and share their ‘story of Jesus.’


Purpose - God’s heart is for everyone to be saved and come to a knowledge of Jesus Christ. Pray for His kingdom to come and His will be done in every aspect of the Festival for all involved in follow up, for a new sense of community spirit to emerge and for the churches to gain a new level of unity in working together.