News from our Teams in Whitley & Whitham – June 2017


News from the Fusion Team in Whitley (South Reading)

Fantastic New Developments in South Reading!

The last month has been full of fun and exciting stuff for us!
One of our highlights has been starting our lunch times with a difference (LTWAD) program at local High School John Madejski Academy (JMA). Twice a week now head outside with a bunch of year seven students after eating lunch. Through team games and challenges we get to coach the young people in cooperative skills and perseverance. We’re already seeing growth in a number of them which is super encouraging. A great aspect of this program is that we get to do it in partnership with Learn 4 Life our mates down the corridor, a local Christian schools work organisation.
Last month Aneta our administrator went from being with us just once a week to coming in every day, and we are getting so much more done and done better, its awesome!

A couple of weeks ago Anika got back from 5 weeks visiting family and supporters in Australia, its great to have her back. She is the driving force behind our Re:Start program and we’re looking forward to engaging with local businesses about the program and presenting her proposal to them.

Skye and Claire spent a few days in Paris (it’s a hard life) for Fusion’s European Reps Council. It was lovely to be hosted by Marty and Jen Woods and to connect with our teams from Albania, Greece and Austria. We even got to visit the Eiffel Tower and Norte Dame whilst experiencing down town Paris traffic at rush hour!

Finally, we have got our Community Festival Trailer back up and running! This is a small trailer that we set up with some council funding so that local residents can run community building events in their street or neighbourhood, with our support and training. This month the branding has been re-done and thanks to Aneta’s hard work its all stocked up, flyers and posters are up in the community, and booking systems are up and ready. It will have its first non-Fusion outing this coming weekend for the Big Lunch at Whitley Wood Community Centre.

And then there were the squiggle birds (pitcured above!)… last Friday we spent a day with Tom and Greg of Daughter, a local design and branding company who have come along side us. They are helping us get really good at communicating who we are what we do. The Squiggle birds were a fun introductory activity (in case you were wondering)!

Once again we are encouraged and grateful for all that we get to do to be a blessing to our local community and beyond, and for all the amazing people we get to do this with – including yourselves.

Dr Claire Bankole

News from the Team in Witham (Associate Centre)

2nd Witham Boys Brigade goes to Denmark!

15 Boys, three Leaders and three parents road-tripped to Billund, Denmark during the school holiday. The Boys enjoyed the original Legoland®, an interactive Viking center, Henne Strande beach and LeLandia Water Park, while staying at a residential camp owned by a local FDF group. The FDF in Denmark is similar to the Boys’ Brigade. Youth from both groups spend two hours sharing games and activities. Great food, great camaraderie, lots of local culture and (almost) too much Lego®!

Jason Pheifer

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