News from our Team in the North – July 2017


Fusion Y&C North Summer Update

We have seen steady progress with both our youth programmes over the last few months but it’s not without its challenges….

Youth Café – St. Matthews Mission
We work with a committed team from St. Matthews CE Church in East Preston running a weekly youth café.
A few months back the number of girls attending really dwindled so we prayed hard and now we have 8 on average coming including 3 older girls who came back after a break who are quite sensible and good role models to the others.
One of the leaders, Nancy shared a powerful testimony recently of how she came close to death following a choking incident and how her neighbours (and a friend she’d not seen for some months happened to be passing her front gate) stepped in and saved her life. She shared how despite the horror of losing her breath and nearly passing out, she knew God was with her and how the right people were at hand to help. We have never known the kids be so quiet – I think it really challenged them as to how fragile and precious life is.
We will finish this term with some wide games followed by a fire pit and toasting marshmallows.
We would value your prayers as St. Matthews is about to go through a period of uncertainty as Rev Peter Nunn retires in August. His wife has also been a committed volunteer at the Youth Café.
They are a committed couple and have served faithfully in a needy community and we will really miss them!
In the interim, Andy will be working with Kamran, the church curate.

Talk n Tucker –Leyland
This meal and bible study programme is in partnership with Wellfield CE Church which is in the heart of the poorest estate in Leyland – Broadfield.
After much work we now have a committed core of kids that come most weeks.
In addition we have another 6 or 8 who come more sporadically which is hard because they don’t always adopt the positive culture we are trying to build and can be disruptive during the short bible talk.
Many of the kids have special needs which also brings its challenges.
That said we have had a lot of fun and they are doing better at engaging with the bible study recently.
This term we have been focusing on issues that they face as young people looking primarily at the book of Proverbs.
4 of the young people have also started attending the church’s Sunday evening youth group which is really encouraging – our aim is to be a stepping stone to help those that want to explore their faith further and we are starting to see that happen!

Charity Shop
The charity shop has done really well in the last year in contrast to the previous year in which, at one point we had to put it in special measures and reduce staff hours.
We are so grateful to Diane and Millie for their hard work. We are currently looking for an additional director for the enterprise so please pray!
It’s success will mean, that in addition to funding our programmes we have been able to create a small bursary to help people attend the Summer Mission Intensive (Annual Pilgrimage) this year.

By Andy Prosser

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