News from our Teams in Whitley, Purley, Preston and Wheatley (April 2016)

From the Fusion Team in Whitley….

This past month saw the end of our Foundations course we’ve been running in Whitley since the beginning of the year. This was the first Foundations course to be undertaken in Reading. We had a total of 12 participants for the course & it was a great time of growing & learning together.

As a result of our Foundations course, several participants were able to begin the process of finding their place over the course of the 12 weeks, but we had one participant who really excelled in this. She did a fantastic job as one of our MC’s for the Easter Festival & has shown interest in becoming more involved with the Fusion work here!

Claire facilitated the 2nd Heritage to Legacy Round Table towards the beginning of the month. This was a wonderful time of fellowship, brainstorming & exploring the social myth and the redemptive narrative of the British Isles.

We’ve been fortunate enough to have received a grant funded by Decent Neighborhood Fund & Reading Borough Council to purchase a trailer for our Festivals and Street Parties. Anika is currently in the process of locating a trailer & we’re slowly working on items to fill it. This is going to be a fantastic resource for the community & for Fusion UK as a whole!

How can people be praying for your team and what you are doing?
• There have been many new and exciting opportunities that have begun to open up in the last few weeks. Pray that we can have wisdom in knowing the correct ways to respond and the right level of involvement from the Reading team.
• The Reading office has a need for more team. With the new opportunities that have been opening up, or are in the process of opening up here in Whitley, we are needing more team members to help free up Claire, Anika and Skye to do more work in the community. Specifically we’re looking for a General Administrator, Finance Administrator and a PR/Communications Administrator. Pray that the right people will come on board to help as we head towards this next phase in the Reading office’s work.

From Ashley, Fusion Whitley's GEM Intern

From the Fusion Team in Purley….

Community Teas in Purley have been running fortnightly on Thursday nights. Community Teas are for building relationships and community and these are going very well! 30 to 40 people are attending regularly!

Steve has met with several pastors from area churches in Croydon who are interested in Festival/Street Party training in their churches! Watch this space! Another profound development is that Croydon Council and Police have approached us to help work with group of people in the Old Lodge Lane community who are transitioning out of jail, prostitution, and sex trafficking.

Prayer requests for the team in Purley:
•for deepening relationships with those who have been regularly attending Community Teas.
•for preparation for upcoming street parties for the Queen’s 90th birthday celebration in June.

From Steve Harrington, working closely with Pastor Nick Graves in Purley, with Fusion in partnership with Greater Europe Mission

From the Fusion Team in Preston/Leyland…

The programs we have been running in the last month are St. Mathew's Mission Youth Café in East Preston and Talk & Tucker run at the Base in Leyland. My highlight is from the Youth Café at St Matthew's. I am getting to know those that attend much better. Had a good conversation with one of the girls who opened up and began to talk about her school situation. It is really good to be part of such a strong dedicated team. We had to limit the number we could let in last week so that is a good indication of how popular the Youth Café is.

Andy has now started his sabbatical, (which the Fusion team Nationally is very excited about! Bless you Andy!)

How can people be praying:
I am still quite new to the St Mathew's team so please pray that I can continue to develop relationships with the kids and fit in to the team. Please also pray that we are able to cope with the demand and not have to turn anyone away.

From Diane Barnard, Fusion Team Member in Lancashire

Wheatley’s Annual St George’s FUN DAY was a great success, again!

From a recent Wheatley Community Church update: "We have so much to thank God for from last weekend, with so many answers to prayers. Please continue to pray for those who joined us on Saturday. We have heard of some great meaningful conversations...We also had the joy of welcoming some for the first time to WCC as we met in the park for our Sunday service. A huge thank you to all who worked so hard to make both days happen!"

The St George's Fun Day is an annual event run by the local Fusion team in partnership with local churches in Wheatley. It has become one of the highlights of the village calendar!

(Picture above is from 2015)

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