News from our Team in Whitley – November 2017

News from the Fusion Team in Whitley (South Reading)

There have been a pretty eventful couple of months here in Whitley.

After a number years of working with Fusion Youth and Community UK Skye Leon decided to follow her calling and return to Australia, where she will commence exploring a career in the film industry. She was an inspiration for many of us and it’s been such a pleasure knowing her and working with her. Skye will be greatly missed.

On the 23rd of October, Claire flew to Canada for an 8 day gathering of Fusion International’s national leaders (picture above). Claire shares: ‘It’s always special to be in the same room as brothers and sisters from across the globe who are joined by a common love for God and commitment to the mission that He has given the Fusion family. We did some really good work together on our goals and purpose as an international movement, and now we have an inspiring document that’s been put together with insights from all the cultures and nationalities represented in the room. I am looking forward to us all living with these words for the next year and gathering again at our next International Forum to reaffirm our commitment to this calling and each other.’ When Fusion’s 2020 goals were written 20 years ago, Fusion only existed in Australia, now we are in 15 countries across four continents and our fellowship in the gospel and ministry is diverse and extremely rich. It’s exciting to be part of what God is doing through this little expression of Christ’s body, called Fusion International.

For the first time in the UK, Fusion Y&C UK is excited to bring the The Families Course, which was developed by Fusion Western Sydney in Australia. The Families Course covers eight key areas of family relationships and forms a framework to build a healthy, strong and loving family life. It’s running from 6th of October for 4 weeks (except half-term) at the Play Barn, with Kath McNee - one of the original team who worked with Sallie Hammond to develop the course.

Also one of the highlights of the last 2 months, has been starting the new term with our lunch time program at John Madejski Academy (JMA), in partnership with Learn 4 Life and their new addition to the team - Aaron. Once a week, we spend some time with a group of year 7 students after eating lunch. Through team games and challenges we get to coach the young people in cooperative skills and perseverance. We’re very excited for this project and our first weeks of new school year have been very encouraging.

On the first weekend of October Anika and Claire went to Movement Day in London. 1000 leaders were gathered for 2 days at the Methodist Central Hall. They took part in the track on Social Transformation and their task was to bring one or two things that Fusion Y&C UK has learnt over the years on our journey working for Community Transformation. “Of course being part of an international movement that started in Australia 57 years ago, there’s a lot of learning to draw from – often things we learnt the hard way!” says Claire.

Fusion Whitley is also growing as we welcome Catherine Lane, our psychology student taking a placement with us. We’re very thankful for her input. At the same time, we’re still looking for our finance administrator/bookkeeper as our dear Akanksha’s starting her new full time work and will be unable to help. If you’re interested or know someone who could be – please get in touch.

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