NEW SERIES: Resourcing You – Narrative

Fusion Y&C UK’s new monthly series began in March with a focus on the topic of 'A Values Based Culture'.

Each month one of our team will explore different topics to encourage and equip you in your own expression of mission. This month we’re looking at ‘Narrative'. 

The introductory article can be found in our update for March (click here). Segments expanding on the theme will be posted every Friday on this page & our Facebook page (click here)!


Series by Dr. Claire Bankole

‘Thought for the Week’ on Friday 7th of April 2017

The Key to Helping Someone Else Find Their God Given Narrative'

When you interact with me from the best part of who you are, from the part of you that’s made in Gods image and sensitive to mercy, compassion, and justice, it’s easier for me to express that side of me too.  In fact I recognise in you what longs to be let out in me. When you are doing and being what you were made for, from that same place, you are ALIVE and its infectious! It gives me permission to discover what I was made to be and do – THANK YOU!’ The Key to helping someone else find their God given narrative, is to find yours.

‘Thought for the Week’ on Friday 14th of April 2017

‘Your God given Narrative’

‘When I see you, Father, or engage with an aspect of your nature as you reveal yourself to me, my heart rises. When I encounter you, Jesus for who you really are, it takes my breath away. I am drawn to you and I recognise a goodness, the shadow of which is stirred into life within me. A similar thing, though not so intense, happens when I am with those who love and follow you with all their heart and know the Joy of Life.’ The Key to finding your own God given narrative, is knowing Him.

‘Thought for the Week’ on Friday 21st of April 2017

‘Narrative and Human Life’

When I realise that every single human being originated from a deliberate choice, purpose and design in God’s heart; made in His image with and unique contribution to make: there is no such thing as a lost cause or a despise-able person. Yes depravity and brokenness can seem limitless, but that’s the script, the death story and, remember, it’s never the only story. There is the God-story too that comes from a different place, perhaps long buried and silent, but there nonetheless… and NEVER, EVER beyond reach of redemption.

‘Thought for the Week’ on Friday 28th of April 2017

‘Narrative and Discipleship’

I have worked with many young people and adults who came alive in finding more and more of who they were made to be. They often made these discoveries in the context of others living out their God given narrative and invariably this version of them that emerged in turn gave life and hope to others around them. Through this process they became increasingly alert to mercy and justice, to creativity and responsibility, to love and truth (various aspects of the image of God in them, aspects of Gods own nature). When eventually they encountered Christ for themselves, they quickly recognised him as the one who hadn’t been very far away all along; and responded with hearts wide open. Finding our God given narrative leads us deeper into Him.

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