NEW SERIES: Resourcing You – Mentoring

Each month one of our team will explore different topics to encourage and equip you in your own expression of mission. This month we’re looking at Mentoring. 

The introductory article can be found in our update for June (click here). Segments expanding on the theme will be posted every Friday on this page & our Facebook page (click here)!


Series by Indy Nottage

The Heart of the Mentor

Thought for the Week - 9th June 2017 

The heart of the mentor doesn’t seek to control and change another, but to help them grow. I consider to speak like this
“I see you. You are wonderful.  In the past you have grown, but now I believe you can grow again and become dazzling.  Walk with me, let us take the hard road— together.  Let us discover what God has placed within, what majesty he has imbued you with, to blossom in an expression of wonder.”


Mentoring and Leadership

Thought for the Week - 16th June 2017 

I once heard Patrick Lencioni say ‘your success as a leader, is defined by the success of the people you lead’.   As Leaders, it can sometimes feel like the pressure is on us to make things happen, or that we are responsible for drawing great performance from others to meet our goals.  If we focus on facilitating the success of those we lead, rather than our personal success, we not only find our projects functioning more successfully, but we become more kind, servant-hearted, compassionate leaders. 


Uncomfortable growth

Thought for the Week - 23th June 2017 

In the main article, we looked how believing one cannot grow further can diminish our effort and boldness.  This same attitude can lead to a sense of entitlement.  We may feel failure to reach, or struggling to reach, a level we would normally expect is the result of outside circumstance, not our weakness.  We romanticize our past successes, believing in our marvellous, innate qualities, forgetting the journey of growth we took to succeed.  We make excuses and we blame.  If we believe cannot grow further, than the recognition that we are weak, brands us as unable.  Thus when we fail, our confidence is knocked. We must remember the hard work and the journey of growth that led us to that place and remember we can grow.


Mentoring modeled on Christ

Thought for the Week - 30th June 2017 

Let us reflect on God’s attitude to mentoring. We see Christ bringing 12 individuals close to him. They did not have great accolades following them, they were ordinary folk. We see Christ patiently leading them, modelling how to do ministry. We see him answering questions, forgiving mistakes and encouraging them to try, take risks and learn. He does not demand results, but gives them the space to grow.


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