NEW SERIES: Resourcing You – Shaping A Values Based Culture

Fusion Y&C UK’s new monthly series will focus on different topics to encourage and equip you in your own expression of mission. This month we’re looking at ‘A Values Based Culture’. The introductory article can be found in our update for February (click here). Segments expanding on the theme will be posted every Friday on this page & our Facebook page (click here)!


Series by Skye Leon

‘Thought for the Week’ on Friday 3rd of March 2017

‘Setting Culture: The Whirlpool Analogy’

When you were younger did you ever participate in the swimming pool activity of creating a whirlpool? Did you experience the rush of being carried along by the fast current you had helped create out of the once still water? Whirlpools are a great analogy for how to set group culture. Culture is shaped by the behaviour of those with the most influence. Just like a whirlpool, a team or program’s culture can be intentionally influenced by a core group of people choosing to move in the same direction, behaving in the same way, until their interpersonal behaviour has become so normal that newcomers are able to come in, take a look around and see how to adapt or, to stick with the analogy; go with the flow.

‘Thought for the Week’ on Friday 10th of March 2017

‘Sharing the Love of Christ, Shaping Cultures & Values’

If your mission team want to shape a culture at your program or event that reflects the love of Jesus Christ, you will need to commit to role-modelling ways of relating and choosing that are based on Christ’s (biblical) values. What are 'values'? Values are behavioural choices that are precious, often costly to you. An 'ideal' is a good idea, but values are those things you commit to living out. For example, if you value patience, you will be patient in a trying situation at least 8 times out of 10, even if it costs you. Any less than that and patience might just be an ideal you hold, not a value you prize. A strong culture, you can be sure, is not shaped by good ideas, but by intentional, values-based choices.

‘Thought for the Week’ on Friday 17th of March 2017

‘Shaping Culture to Express God's love’

Biblical values are ‘self-limiting’, in that they call us to limit self-centredness; to live not just with consideration for ourselves, but for others also. Examples of biblical values include justice, compassion, generosity and grace. There are many more. If the culture your team seek to shape at your event or program is guided and informed by biblical values, then the people who come along and experience what you have to offer will experience God’s values, His way of choosing, even His love, as L. M. Montgomery put it, “in the human medium”. What an amazing experience to offer!

‘Thought for the Week’ on Friday 30th of March 2017

‘Modelling the way’

Where someone is bringing unhelpful behaviour into your environment, it is important not to see such behaviour as a threat to the culture you wish to shape and the people you wish to serve. It is more than that: it is an opportunity for grace. Your team have an opportunity to get alongside someone who may not realise there are other ways to relate to people, other ways to choose. It’s helpful to know how to explain your values in a way that you can name the alternative, positive behaviour you expect from those who are coming to your event or program. But the most powerful thing you can do to help someone choose more positive behaviour is to first show them that a better way is possible. What can you do to model the way?

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