Fusion Y&C UK News Snippets: MAY 2015


St George’s Funday 2015 – Celebrating our Community

As so often seems to happen with this event, the forecast rain held off until we’d packed up and the afternoon was full of sunshine and lots of fun! With a near record attendance of approaching 900 during the course of the afternoon, this was yet another chance to celebrate our community, meet old friends and hopefully make a few new ones too.
The face painting, crafts and balloon modelling and bouncy castle kept children engaged and happy right through the afternoon, whilst the centre games team served up a variety of activities, some very wet! As ever, we had a very competitive tug of war competition for children and adults – won once more by the ladies!! The climbing wall was a popular as ever, watched closely by all the folk who took the opportunity to just sit, chat and watch the fun, relaxing with a cup of tea and excellent home-baked cake. We were so busy that he BBQ ran out of sausages by 4.15!

The story of St. George and the dragon was re-enacted once more and yet again our gallant hero vanquished the fierce dragon and rescued the beautiful princess - with a little help from an enthusiastic band of very brave villagers!

As ever, sincere thanks must go to our many sponsors, including a significant grant from the Parish Council and generous contributions in so many ways from the local churches. A huge thank you to everyone who helped to make this event happen (over 60 volunteers in all) and, of course, to everyone who came along on the day and helped to create such a special occasion.

Gordon Ewbank
Fusion Youth & Community


This past month has been extremely busy for the Fusion Whitley team.
We are currently working hard with meeting churches in the community while we try to strengthen our community engagement with other organisations. Our involvement in the community grows, here’s some of what we’ve been up to:

We love being joined by some local residents for our monthly community meal at the World Turned Upside Down carvery. Anika has begun leading Whitley’s second Dealing With Depression course, which takes place over six Thursday evenings. Skye has started volunteering once a week with St Paul’s Playbarn where she is enjoying getting to meet local parents and toddlers. Renee has begun going into two local schools with a Christian Schools Worker from local charity Learn4Life. They run a Discovery Club drop in program during the student’s lunch period.

We are also gearing up to host a quiz night fundraiser at the end of the month, see the flyer below if you’d like to come!


This is an email update from David Herdon, in Australia, on behalf of Fusion Nepal.
Sent: Friday, 1 May 2015 11:25 PM

Tonight, I spoke to Ruth, who leads Fusion’s work in Nepal. She is very thankful to all who have been praying for her, her family, friends, community and the people of Nepal.

Ruth lives in Bahktapur, east of Kathmandhu. She told me the original earthquake lasted for 1-2 minutes, while the current aftershocks (which seem to be as strong) only last for 1-2 seconds. The house where she lives with her mother, sister and brother is damaged, with big cracks in the walls. With the aftershocks, they are afraid to sleep inside in case it collapses, so they are sleeping outside, on the ground covered with sheets. Rain is making that very unpleasant. The house where she runs the Fusion Learning Centre has damage to the roof, but is generally OK. Ruth’s brother’s house is in a nearby valley and is badly damaged. Most homes near her brother’s home are completely gone and the area is badly affected.

In November last year, a few of us spent a week with Ruth and helped her run kids clubs in 2 schools. The school near the Learning Centre is badly damaged, while the school in the hills is completely destroyed. Electricity supply has been restored to the area near her home, but everywhere else seems to be without power. There is no running water, and fresh drinking water is difficult to get. They are being forced to drink water they would not normally drink because of risk of sickness. Many local shops are doubling their prices for food and basic necessities. Police have been called in to defuse civil unrest that occurs because of the price gouging. At this time, no aid has arrived to her area. She has heard of aid arriving to other areas where people with less need are getting first preference.

One of the girls on her team, Angela (I think this is how it is spelt?) has lost her home and two family members. The family is struggling. At this time, Ruth has only caught up with about 6 of the kids who she ministers to through the Learning Centre. She doesn’t know how the rest are affected. It is almost impossible to move around and communication is very difficult.

I asked her what her needs were. Firstly, she said, prayer!!!! Then she said the things to pray about include fresh water (the biggest & most urgent need), lack of food, lack of shelter, limited electricity and growing risk of sickness. She declined to mention her own financial needs but mentioned the possibility of financial support so she can assist people like Angela and others. Heidi and I are sending a gift via Western Union on Monday. If anyone would like to add to this, please let me know ASAP.

Thanks for your interest. Keep praying!

David Herdon
Team Coordinator
Fusion Blue Mountains

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