British Pilgrimage of Hope

The British Pilgrimage of Hope is an opportunity to engage with the threads of God's redemptive action throughout the last 2000 years of British history. It is a chance to engage afresh with your own personal narrative as you open your heart to God's redemptive narrative through history that continues to unfold in our present day, and the echos of his voice through our national's particular narrative.

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Street Parties and Community Festivals

Street Parties a great British Institution!! What a brilliant way to celebrate the neighbourhood and bring a bit of old fashioned neighbourliness!

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Heritage to Legacy Round Tables

From time to time, we host Heritage to Legacy Round Tables. These are open gatherings of people bringing particular insights to this conversation, those representing different communities or nations within the British Isles, and those with specialization and gifting in different aspects pertinent to the strategic development of the initiative.

Our first was on the 3rd of November 2015, our second took place on in April 2016 and our third was held by web conferencing on the 9th of December.

We will be meeting face to face every 6 months and online via web conferencing in between times.

Our next face to face Round Table will be on the 24 -25th March 2017 at Cloverly Hall in Shropshire. It will start with lunch on Friday the 9th and finish with dinner on the Saturday. The cost is £110.00 Please contact the Fusion Y&C UK office on 0118 931 4747 to find out more, and you can book your place on the link below.

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