About Heritage to Legacy

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An Initiative of Fusion Y&C UK

Heritage to Legacy is an initiative of Fusion Youth and Community UK.

The aim is to engage in the dialogue currently taking place around British values and British identity. Our focus is both on our heritage and our legacy as the British nations:

Our Heritage: We want to bring key voices and thinkers together to explore what the last 2000 years of these islands’ story can tell us about who we are. We are particularly interested in discerning the patterns of God’s redemptive action in the life of the nations of the British Isles. We want to discover in a new way what the social myths that have formed over the centuries within us as a nation of nations.

Our Legacy: This is not a call to reminisce over the ‘good old days’ but rather, to learn from our past whilst recognising the treasures in our history that remind us of who we are, our story, SO THAT we can rise, name and celebrate all it means to be us, together, today and into the future. The choices we make today will leave a legacy; the question is what legacy do we want to leave?

The Picture That Birthed This Initiative

Malachi 4v6 speaks about the preaching of the prophet Elijah that ‘will turn the hearts of the fathers to their children and the hearts of the children to their fathers. Otherwise I will come and strike the land with a curse.’

I saw one man turning his heart to his fathers, his ancestors and then in turn, turning his heart to his children and descendants.  This man represented the current generation here in the British Isles and United Kingdom. The call to look to the ancient paths, to remember the redemptive paths that God has led us along through our history, to learn from the faith of our fathers, and to take heed to the future, because what we choose now will impact many generations to come. The warning is clear and as a people we can either choose the way of the curse or the way of blessing.

Where does the conversation happen?

We believe that this conversation is one that needs to take place at every level of our society:

  • The British Isles and all the nations that make these up.
  • Britain
  • Scotland, Wales, England, Northern Ireland, Cornwall
  • ‘The North’, ‘The South East’
  • British African, British Carribbean, British Caucasian, British European, British Asian, British Mixed Race, and….
  • Urban Communities, Rural Communities
  • And… the list and varieties go on


Please Take Part in our Community Narrative Survey

One way of building a picture of the narratives that make up our national narrative is through gathering stories from across the British Isles. This survey will take about 30 minutes to complete and it will help to give an insight into the different things that we care about and hold dear, things from the past and things current. Thank you for sharing your story with us.


What outcomes are we looking for?

Some of the outcomes that we are looking for include:

  • Stories and parables that embody the narratives that emerge and carry our social myth.
  • Authentic, mutual appreciation and celebration of the different communities, nations and peoples that make up the British nation and isles.
  • Towards an authentic unity in the celebration of diversity.
  • A rising generation that is confidently aware of its heritage and has the tools to be able to interpret it.
  • Annual rhythms to celebrate the people of the British Isles and the nations that form them.
  • A reawakening of core redemptive British values from our long history, with the tools and understanding to apply them afresh in meaningful, life giving ways today.
  • A new and strong sense of meaning and purpose that is born of our heritage and core values.
  • Norms and practices that embody our values and narrative in fresh, relevant and life giving ways.

Our Stregic Framework

We have identified three broad phases in the journey of this initiative, out of which our strategy comes:

Phase one: Getting started; clarifying the need for the initiative (agitation) and starting to name the narrative so hope can rise and a vision can be seen (the prophet-mythmaker) are key in this phase. Listening and storytelling are strong features of this phase.

Phase two: Momentum starts to gather around action orientated initiatives that are a response to phase one. These are at community, regional and national levels. Both the prophet-mythmaker and statesman are key roles in this phase as movement builds. Since we are shaping culture initiatives need to use the four key carriers of culture: Arts, Media, Politics & Education.

Phase three: The setting of a new normal in the culture and national life – here the role of the administrators are key. However for life to remain and for change to last beyond a generation, the activity of phase two and the action of the prophet mythmakers and statesmen need to continue during this phase as well.

Currently our activity is focused around regular Round Tables. (as per phase one above)

These are open gatherings of people bringing particular insights to this conversation, those representing different communities or nations within the British Isles, and those with specialization and gifting in different aspects pertinent to the strategic development of the initiative.