Advent 4 – Here is our King…

As we reach Christmas day, the waiting and preparing about to be fulfilled, it can be easy to get lost in the baby in the manger, the shepherds and wise men, the star and the angels. And it is good and right to celebrate that moment in history when God came ‘with skin on’, as a baby in the manger.

But we know that is not the end. It is ‘one moment in history that changed everything’ the long awaited Messiah had been born, the Lord of Lords and King of Kings! But in this moment he was a newborn baby, yes fully God, but in the skin of an infant his humanity was overwhelming.

The story doesn’t finish with the baby, it continues all the way to the cross, to death and desolation, to resurrection and restoration and eventually ascending in glory to sit at the right hand of the Father, the alpha and omega and author of this story.

So here is our King, born on this day… I wonder, do you know him…?












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