Fusion Team Retreat

Team Life and Rhythms.

In a few days the Fusion staff and a number of team will be gathered once again for a few days at The Mill in Warwickshire. This will be a time of fun, reconnecting, contemplation, prayer and worship, bible study as well as preparation for the year ahead. The team Retreat has been the way we start the year for three years now. It’s been an important time to reconnect with our vision and purpose, we’ve made important decisions together that have shaped the rest of the year. This year Joshua Jost will be joining us as part of the family but also to help us hone our ‘message’, we’re looking forward to some great discussion!
At the heart of all we do as Fusion is our commitment to our relationships with one another and with God – both as individuals and as a team. We believe that one of the keys to our effectiveness in our work is our growth and development as individuals and as a team. No one can develop their full potential in isolation, we need trusted friends around us who will love us enough to be ‘undistorted mirrors’ to us in order to become all that we were made to be. For us it is in the context of our relationship with God that trust can grow between us and we can grow and learn to do life ‘deeper’.

Setting aside time away from the business of life and work during which, through prayer, worship and contemplating God’s word, we create the space to reflect on what has been and what might be, is vital to our ongoing effectiveness. If we are serious about encountering and expressing God’s mercy, truth and compassion, then drawing aside to spend time with him is crucial.

Our Team Retreat, National Conference and the British Pilgrimage of Hope are three parts of our annual rhythm. We also have monthly, weekly and daily rhythms that all help us on this quest for authentic, God centred community with the explicit purpose to engage with and express God’s mercy, truth and compassion in our neighbourhoods, communities and society… and to one another. These rhythms are the heartbeat of each Fusion team and are open to any who want to join us.

• Our daily rhythm includes morning prayers for about 40 minutes to start of each day. We sometimes use the Ffald – y – Brenin morning prayer liturgy.
• Our weekly rhythm includes a personal prayer and support development day. We want to spend at least a 10th of our work week in personal prayer for those we work with and care for and a 10th in investing in our support networks.
• Our monthly rhythm includes a shared evening meal, a pub meal and a team prayer day (we join from across the country for an hour via skype). During our prayer days we love to intentionally speak blessing over our neighbourhood.
• Bi-monthly, our whole team gathers from across the country for a Team Day, usually in Reading.

Why not drop us a line and come and join us for the adventure.

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