Fundraising Pack

Welcome to our Fundraising Pack!

You'll find a host of ideas of things you can do to raise funds, with links to helpful websites that we have found.


Some fundraising ideas that require some organising and preparation but are fun and rewarding.

Quiz Night

Bring all of your friends and all of their friends for a night of friendly competition while charging an entrance fee. How to host a successful quiz night can be found here. Sample questions can be found at this here, but a quick google is very useful for more!

 Arm Wrestling

Charge your mates - or the local rugby/footie/any testosterone driven team - to arm wrestle one another. Probably best tried at your local pub. You could even fashion a snazzy badge/ medal type thing for the winner.

Nearly New Sale

This is a posher version of a jumble sale. Be selective - only sell nice stuff that's in good nick - and you can charge a fiver for items that would cost 50p in a jumble sale.

 Non-Uniform Day

People pay a couple of quid for the privilege of coming to school or work in their civvies. If you are a student, you can talk to the Head Teacher to see if they would be on board to help you fundraise. 

A Curry Night or Similar 

Transform the hall into a nice restaurant, for the price of a ticket people get a really nice meal, make the menu simple but good – get some great cooks or a local restaurant involved.

A Food Fayre

Have about 10 different stalls, each with food from a different country. The price of a ticket allows people to sample all the food they want, have recipes available for sale and add a couple of demonstrations for fun!


Fundraising ideas that could be completed by having people pay for you to do certain activities.

Sponsorship Form

Head Shaving

Less impressive if you already have a crew cut, but for those of you with long flowing locks this could earn you shed loads of cash. Or if you aren't feeling brave, get sponsored to shave the head of a hairy (willing) mate. For sponsor form click here

 Litter Picking

People will be very willing to pay you if you're cleaning up a local park, beach or kids' playground. This is a way to help your local community while raising money for yourself, so everyone's a winner.

Run a 5k

People will donate to a good cause if you are running a race. There are plenty to choose from and this is great way to get people to invest in your physical health and fundraising goals.

Extreme Challenges

Bungee Jump, Abseil, Skydiving, etc. Click the links find learn how accomplish these extreme challenges to raise funds.



Fundraising ideas that require a bit of hands on work to raise some extra cash.

Auction of Promises

Visit local businesses and ask them to donate their services for you to auction off. Or rope in your friends, who could promise to wash cars, mow lawns or do housework for the highest bidder.

Dog walk

Get some exercise and raise money at the same time. Offer your services as the neighbour dog walker and charge per dog per walk.


Recycle cans for money! Some places will give you up to a penny a can. Do a massive Blue-Peter-style appeal and get your friends, family and neighbours to give you their empty cans. Over a year, you could make a fair bit, and help the environment too.

Car Wash

Grab a few of your mates and wash people's cars for a set price! Or a donation based price.


Here are some tips from what we have been learning:

1. Always have a good cause to raise money for. It could be helping another individual or group of people achieve something – whether that’s a particular task or surviving the aftermath of a disaster. Or it could be something that you want to do that will make a difference to other people’s lives and give you an experience that will change your life (like the British Pilgrimage of Hope!).

2. Choose a fundraising activity that will cost you significantly in time and effort. People need to see that their buy will make a big difference to you achieving the goal. Also if it’s not worth your time and effort, then why should others put their money behind it? A friend of ours decided to conquer her fear of heights and did a sponsored abseil!


3. Have some money to invest in your activity, and aim to increase it 10 fold. We recently ran a Fundraising quiz, we spent £60 and raised over £500. If you don’t spend something, it’s much harder to make your event really good and effective. The money we spent went mainly on decorations, refreshments & prizes etc.

4. Community is one of our key values at Fusion Y&C UK, so try and choose an activity that builds community or gives back to the community. Here are some ideas: get people having fun together, create a buzz on social media, use the local community café as we way to raise its profile, get local businesses sponsoring you… and give them the credit!


5. Make it super easy for people to donate to your cause. Have all the information they need with you, on the sponsorship form etc. If you are collecting cash, make sure you have some change with you. Set up an online giving page via websites like or and send the url out to all your friends and family! If you are already in fulltime ministry don’t forget to sort out gift aid options for UK tax paying donors. (Which ever country you are in, make sure you know what tax benefits there are for people and businesses sponsoring you; if there are, use them as an incentive!)

6. All this is much easier when you have a team of more than just you! Get a friend, family member, youth group leader, teacher, chaplain… someone you know and trust to help you. Better still get someone else to come on Pilgrimage with you, then you can run joint sponsorship initiatives and fund raising events. Two heads are often better than one, and three are better still! It helps with everything, from ideas to planning and running the events themselves.