everyONE is a platform to share stories of inspiration and transformation, and to become partners in new stories of transformation.



everyONE has a story to share, a story that changes the world.

It is not defined by our age, race, heritage, culture or financial position - though some of these do give us greater opportunities, but it is part of being human. 

Behind each of us are a cast of thousands who have impacted and left their mark on us, positive or negative. They are people we have known for years, those we met for just a day, or even people we’ve never met but we’ve been impacted by their life and story.  

And how we live our life will impact thousands of others.

That is how we change the world...



Did you know that ONEpound could change the world? 

We are looking for ONE million people to donate ONE pound ONCE a year. 

This would mean that the work of Fusion International in Albania, Greece, India, Nepal, Jamaica, Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa and here in the UK would have greater capacity to transform young people and their communities through practical support, social enterprise, schools work, kids clubs, youth work, community work and training. It would also enable us to support each of the full time workers with an allowance.

It really doesn't take much to change the world...

Will you be ONE in a million?


everyONE at Soul Survivor 2016

EveryONE is inspired by others. EveryONE can change the world. At Soul Survivor B & C 2016, our team asked attendees to share who inspires them and how they would like to change the world. To see what was shared, click the picture links below.