Youth Leaders Conference

Youth Leaders Conference 2017

This gathering is for anyone who has a passion to REACH, DISCIPLE and RELEASE a generation for mission!

Whether you're a youth leader, schools worker, prayer warrior, pastor or parent, whether you're a volunteer or paid, up front or behind the scenes we encourage you to join us for the morning. We recommend you come with your team and if possible bring your Pastor or Elder.


We are pleased to announce that after the success of our first Youth Leader's Conference in March 2016 we will be running another Youth Leader's Conference in February of 2017.

Participants from March were keen for the Fusion Y&C UK team to continue to run these events, so we will be gathering together for more workshops, encouragement and an opportunity to fellowship with others who are interested in or currently serving young people in their work places, churches and homes.  

Details of the workshops we will be running are laid out below and you can see what we did last time as well. 



Workshops To Choose From

Understanding & harnessing group culture for youth ministry
In this two part workshop we will first explore group dynamics and the role they play in both helping and hindering youth discipleship.  

The second part of the workshop will provide space for participants to discuss actual scenarios and dynamics within your groups, with facilitation and feedback to help equip you to positively impact your current youth work and programs.

Integrating church based youth work with the life of the church, youth mission and outreach
In this double workshop we will be exploring how the whole church family can develop a vision for youth work that enables young people to find their place in Church life.

We will be grappling with how your whole church can play a part in reaching the community of young people in your area and then welcome them and their families to find their place in the church family.

Helping you and your young people to find life and joy in the scriptures
Part one of this workshop will be devotional and reflective in nature, a chance to engage with scripture and be renewed and refreshed.
In part two we will be workshopping ways in which we can lead young people to discover the scriptures for themselves. 

Previous Workshops have included...

The Gospel: Taking it out, bringing them in. 
Preparing your team to share the gospel and helping your church create a culture of welcome.

Adolescence : A look behind the scenes.
Understanding the emotional & social development taking place through these years, so we can effectively journey with young people.

Here and now: Helping young people live in the kingdom. Exploring important aspects of discipling young people.

Fusion Y&C UK are part of an international youth and community movement with over 50 years hands on experience in youth and community work. The team in Reading heading up this conference have experience in church based youth work, detached youth work, case work and schools work. They bring an international perspective having worked with young people across Europe, Africa, Canada and Australia. They have a passion to inspire fresh ways of thinking and moving forward, but in a way that encourages a partnership between the local churches, government and non-government institutions and agencies, as well as other Christian organisations.