Fusion YAC UK’s School of Mission

Fusion’s School of Mission builds on the Foundations course and is aimed particularly at leaders and their core teams. The aim is for participants to become more empowered as individuals and teams, so they can lead and participate in effective missional groups (kingdom cells) that are facilitating the transformation of their community and society.

The training style aims to be dialogical whereby trainers present material but spend the majority of time facilitating discussions that enable participants to learn from each other as we all allow our current experience and dilemmas in mission to interrogate both the material presented and each other’s perceptions.

We will explore the science and art of the following areas as they apply to ourselves, other individuals, groups, communities and whole societies:
Narrative. Mentoring. Networks. Values based Culture.

We will study and seek to apply lessons from the following books: Reaching Out by Henri Nouen. The Celtic Way of Evangelism by George Hunter III. Getting things Done by David Allen. Pedegogy of the Opressed by Paulo Freire. Six Radical Decisions by Matt Garvin.

Our teams will conduct two research projects; we will design, run and evaluate new programs relevant to our local mission; we will write up case studies and do a fair bit of journaling.

School of Mission takes place once a week via web conferencing. It is designed to support the work you are doing and for your work to inform the training. There are assignments to write and students can register to acquire a nationally accredited qualification in Youth Work Practice.

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