Foundations for Life and Mission

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Foundations for Life and Mission.

Next Course: Four Weekends over Four Months: Spring 2018.

£95- £110 - includes all meals and course materials. 


Develop the skills, knowledge and awareness necessary to be more effective in life, mission and building community.

Fusion Y&C UK's discipleship and leadership course equips you to live the Christian faith in the real world in such a way that it affects not just your life but those you connect with. It will change the way you see yourself, your community and your relationship with God.

As a participant of Foundations for life and mission you will:

  • Move towards a more free and loving relationship with the Living God through a deep engagement with his word.
  • Come to a deeper understanding of the particular plan God has for your life and your community.
  • Discover a fresh appreciation of the wonderful complexity of humanity and how, with God, we can deal with those aspects that can hold us back from becoming all we and others are created to be.



What previous participants have said about the course:

Dr. David Williams, Ph.D, President of Taylor College & Seminary, Canada. “Foundations offers students real life skills not only for personal transformation but also for community transformation.  Anyone interested in making an impact for the Kingdom should seriously consider participating in the course.”

David Campbell, leader of Christian mission organisation in Jamaica: “The course was the most complete presentation of the Christian Faith that I have ever come across, it contains things that I have observed but never thought of so clearly.”

Bible College Lecturer: “I’ve been to many seminars in my life, and the training this week would be the best I’ve ever experienced.”

Vice-president of Taylor College and Seminary, Dr. Terry Fossen, Ph.D “After more than 30 years of ministry through the church as well as the academy, it is both refreshing and challenging to re-discover that our Lord is not finished with me, yet. [As a Foundations trainer, I have become] excited, anew, about what is about to unfold in the lives of students and facilitator alike in [future] Foundations For Life and Mission Courses.”


How the Course Works:

The course is delivered using a combination of talks, discussions and practical sessions, role plays and activities, all  finally culminating in a community outreach event. There are often three streams: a youth stream, a ministry and leadership stream and a stream for the rest of us!

Foundations for Life and Mission is for young and old, both new and seasoned Christians, as well as new and seasoned leaders. It’s for academics and practitioners, and for ANYONE wanting to deepen their understanding and experience of the Christian faith.

For many years Fusion International and Fusion Y&C UK have used it to develop their own team and leaders, to perpetuate a culture of discipleship and mission, to facilitate authentic fellowship, and to help establish people in their faith.

The course can be delivered as a one week intensive or over 12 weeks, one evening a week with a weekend away (and various configurations between the two!). If you are interested in hosting a course for your staff, church, church leadership or others you work with, please let us know.


Reading Course:

Venue: 11 Glebe Rd, Reading, RG2 7AG

Dates: 26/27th Jan, 23/24/25Feb, 23/24 March, 20/21st April.

Time: Fridays 7-9.30pm Saturday 8.45- 5pm long weekend Sat 8am-10pm Sun 2pm -6pm

Mission Experience: Whitley Easter Monday Festival 2nd April.

For 2018 course please book here   before paying your course fees here

To book a place on the Reading course please follow the link below. Payment can be made as part of the booking process or at a later date.

To find out more about the European 1 week course, please contact us at the Reading office.

European Course Details: (1 week format)

Venue: Albania

Dates: (TBC August 2018)


Cost will be €150-170 all inclusive. Flights not included. 

Please note there is also a three day pre course Trainers Training taking place, please contact the Fusion Y&C UK office for more info.