Supporting a Particular Fusion Center


Supporting a Particular Fusion Center

Currently we have Fusion Centres in Preston, Croydon and in Reading (our national base). Fusion Centres are led by at least one Fusion Staff Member.

In Wheatley we have a Fusion Associate Centre run by a handful Fusion Team Members and a host of volunteers from the local community.

In addition we have centres in Albania, Greece, Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa, Jamaica, Brazil, India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Indonesia, Australia and Canada as well as other more sensitive locations.

You can opt to support any one of these centres (including those overseas) by indicating where you would like your donation to go, whichever giving service you use. (To be doubly sure you can send us an email with the details of your gift and where you would like to have it used.)

Please Note:

Fusion Y&C UK’s national leadership and trustees are ultimately responsible for the administration of all of Fusion’s income regardless of their source or allocation. We acknowledge that some donors prefer to specify how their gifts are spent and we always seek to honour this but we retain the freedom to manage our income responsibly.

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