Fusion International Documents



International Forum Flight Bookings - Delegate information form. (excel)

Written Report Template

On arrival in the UK - getting to the venue - Transport Information

On arrival in the UK - what to bring and what to know.

Code of Conduct for the Frontier Centre

International Forum basic schedule


Fusion International Charter - Working Document May 2015 (PDF)

Suggested Structure for Fusion International – prepared by David Campbell.

International Forum Representation – prepared by John Latten.

Fusion International Logo Option – presented by Fusion Canada.

Fusion Australia’s Branding Position – put forward by John Latten to be considered for adoption by Fusion International.

Proposed Location for Fusion’s International Forum 2016 - proposal & budget – put forward by Perry Anderson.

Documents from Work Groups

Levels of Engagement Work Group: Fusion's Draft Primary Relationship Agreement

Reference and Supporting Documents

Fusion Y&C UK's : How We Can Serve You (an eg of how to present what we offer and invite others to invest, plus a current representation of the 5 Levels of Engagement.)

Fusion Y&C UK's Associate Centre Agreement - an explanation of different models of Associate Centre and how they all relate with Fusion Y&C UK.

Jocelyn's reflections on the journey so far and where to now IF 2015; includes recommendations regarding IF's program and location of IF in 2016. The Story of Us 2015

Marty's reflections on the journey so far and what God might be saying to us at IF 2015; includes Marty's work with ISC. Marty's Proposal to IF 2015

Notes & Minutes from IF 2015

First draft of Complete set of notes covering the whole of IF (including bible studies, devotions, reports and business). For delegates to check and return edits asap.

Bible Study 1 - Luke Morgan on the Glory of God

Bible Study 2 - Claire Bankole on Love, Truth, Creativity and Responsibility

Bible Study 3 - Bruce Dutton on Hope, Authentic Community, Audacious Faith and Innovative Action

Written Country Reports

Appendices from IF 2015