Advent 3 Bringer of Peace

Peace. Be. Still

As I reflect on the events going on around the world today I can be almost overwhelmed.

Millions of people becoming refugees seeking a place of safety, millions of people homeless and hungry, millions of people living in fear of war and disaster, millions of people left heartbroken, alone, and afraid, with no where to go, and seemingly the rest of the world uncaring.

How we long for peace…

And it is in the midst of this we celebrate Christmas… the birth of  a baby to an unwed mother, in a foreign land, where there is no family or support, no welcome, or no shelter.

In the midst of this chaos Peace comes to earth.


This is a short reflection I wrote a few years ago about Peace and Christmas.

Inside each of us is a deep rooted desire for peace…

Peace… in among the images of war and destruction we see each day it can seem impossible.

Peace… the glib answer given by beauty queens as their one wish they have for the world.

Peace… only possible when we retreat from the world and everyone around us.

Peace…when anxiety and the blackness of depression overwhelm .

But what is peace? Peace is not the absence of noise, it is not just the absence of war or violence or anxiety, it’s not just joy or happiness, or a beauty queens wish. Yes, some of these things bring a sense of peace, but we long for more.

Jesus came to earth to bring PEACE. The Hebrew word is ‘shalom’ and it is the idea of everything being in its rightful place, everything doing what it should, everything as God created it to be. Jesus came, God in flesh, to bring this peace. He came so that all of creation could be reconciled to God, so that in Him all of humanity could find their place and their purpose. He came as a bringer of peace – not just between black and white, Arab and Palestinian, or persecutor and persecuted, but he came as the bringer of peace between us and God.

So as we sing ‘peace on earth’ this Christmas, as we send cards wishing ‘peace and joy’ this season lets remember its not just a glib saying, its not just a Christmas wish, peace is found in a manger, it is the flesh and blood of Jesus, Immanuel, God with us. Jesus was not just a man of peace, but the embodiment of peace, not just a wish, but a certain hope.  May your advent be one of PEACE.



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