An Update from the Fusion Team in India, March 2016


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It is spring here in India which means - Holi, the color filled Festival, will soon be here. The beautiful flowers are all around us and soon they will be fading again. Well, it has been awhile since we last told you our story. A quarter of 2016 is almost finish and we would like to give you a quick heads up on how we have been and what life is like for us here. We hope that this will help you to pray for us more effectively. We are grateful to you for standing with us over the years though we may not have been our best in keeping you up with our stories.

Highlights: The highlight for us so far would be the completion of the first phase of Hope project in Chandel District of Manipur. A project initiated by our Team Leader, Koko Lamkang and his Mom in memory of his late Father. It is a highlight for Fusion India because the place can now be use as a based to pioneer Fusion work in Manipur. Another highlight is that we, in Fusion India, are all doing well by God's grace.

Story: About a couple weeks ago Koko received a phone call from Henry (Henry is presently looking after the Shalom Hostel) around 8 pm. Upon reaching Shalom Koko discovered that two of the boys were drunk and one had a fight with his roommate who happens to be his own younger brother. Koko spend sometime with both the boys and ask them if they could stay indoor it would do good for Shalom resident. But after Koko's departure both the boys went out, bought another bottle and drank. So the next morning with great sadness after counseling the boys for about 30 minutes each we told them to leave Shalom as they had very clearly crossed the set norms.
It was a tough call to choose to send the boys away because Shalom was barely above survival line economically with just 14 students and sending two students away clearly meant Shalom would be well below budget. But we did what was right trusting God to take care of the rest. About a week later one of the boys who fought with his roommate wanted to meet up with brother Koko. So we set a time for the meeting and during the meeting this is what the Boy said; Brother, I had sought forgiveness from my roommate as you have encouraged me to do so and I am willing to apologies to the rest of Shalom inmates for the way I misbehaved that night. Give me a second chance, I want to come back to Shalom. Long story short, we allowed him to retain his seat in Shalom and he is now doing well. It is this sort of story that kept us going even when we are surviving through a tough time.

Changes, Consequences & Challenges: Most of you are aware that we used to receive some support from both Fusion Sunshine Coast and Sydney South centre. With the policy changes wrought about by the new Australian government we could no longer avail this support anymore. Another source of income for us is Pilgrimage. Last year we decided to run the Pilgrimage in Nepal because of all that Nepalese are facing post-earthquake. The Pilgrimage surely was a great blessing for the communities where Festivals were held in Nepal. But it did not generate any Revenue. The Consequences meant that we are deprived of enjoying the regular support and income. The Challenge is we are unsure of how the remaining 9 months is going to look like. We don't have Fund to pay Rent and Bills next month for Fusion Delhi office as I am writing this. The most confronting question however for us is: How do we seek first God's kingdom and His righteousness amidst such overwhelming 'storms'? We need your prayers and support, we need miracle!

Some Family News and Prayer Points:
• Our staff Khular and his family returned back to Sagar after spending a good one month in another city as Dr. Bijiya (Mrs. Khular) went through a training.
• Our Staff Dayakar is asking for prayer as they are applying for a Govt nursing post for his wife.
• Our Staff Jerome had a small health complication a couple weeks ago. But he is now whole. Praise God for that.
• Our former staff Frankie too a sabbatical leave for about 2 years and is now considering returning back to Fusion to help the work in Delhi. Pray that he will her Him well and obey His lead.
• Henry - Shalom Warden - is considering leaving Shalom if Frankie steps in. he has nothing specific in mind after leaving Shalom, so I had asked him to pray and seek God's will and consider serving Shalom along with Frankie. Pray that Henry will hear Him well and follow His lead too.
• Shel is in Manipur and looking at the possibility of running some community related tournament this year. Pray that things will work out in his favor.
• Pray for God's provision for Fusion Office Rent and Bills for the next 9 months. Fusion Delhi office is also the Headquarter of Fusion work in India.
• Pray for God's provision for meeting Fusion India's ministry for the next 9 months.
Upcoming Events:
• Our Team Leader Koko Lamkang will be attending all India Sports Ministry Meeting from 2-3 April which is being held in Bangalore. This is an important meeting because Fusion India in partnership with Sports networks across India is planning to run a Festivals in all the 6 Host Cities of the FIFA U-17 World Cup next year in India.
• We have set the Pilgrimage date for this year - 28 Nov - 12 Dec. 2016. One of the objectives of Pilgrimage is: To use the Pilgrimage as a Fundraising project to support the work in India.
Matthew 6:33 But Seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things shall be given to you. This verse continue to remain a promise verse for us and we strive to remain steadfast to His word and expect Him to do the rest.

May I ask you to pray for and with us? Please do not hesitate to contact us or Fusion Sunshine Coast must you be led to contribute towards the work we do here. You may contact Fusion Sunshine Coast treasure for contribution @ Please mention "Gift for Fusion India". Or contact us @

Thank you for standing with us. May the Lord show forth His love, grace and justice in all you do.

With love and regards,

Koko Lamkang
Team Leader,
Fusion YCS India
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