Jenny Woods

In a nutshell I am involved in administration, project management, prayer and training.
I first met Fusion in 1979 when I was training to become a primary school teacher. They were running some innovative outreach programs in my college town in New South Wales, Australia, connecting with the motor cycle racing crowd and, later on in the year, car racing enthusiasts – people right outside the church. The church hadn’t quite seen the potential or felt they had the “know-how” to get involved but Fusion was right there…in the thick of things. That commitment to the unreached, determination to find a way and resourcefulness spoke to me. I didn’t realize 17 years later I would marry into it!
Community and hospitality both have a place in my heart. They are very much entwined. Many years ago, it was made clear that I would be involved in a Christian community-led place offering hospitality & hope in Europe. I have had several experiences of this but am ready for another one, should God choose to bring it on. Though community can be hard work, Proverbs 11:25b echoes with me…those who refresh others will themselves be refreshed. In the light of this, I enjoy serving and supporting others. I also enjoy food – both cooking and eating.
Sometimes I have the privilege of travelling and working on projects overseas, usually with Marty. The 2004 Olympics in Athens, 2006 World Cup in Germany, 2008 Olympics in Beijing were wonderful, yet stretching experiences seeing where God would lead us and to whom. These moments where we are reliant on Him to find a way when we can’t see one occur frequently in our work. We have miracle stories for most occasions!