Claire Bankole

Dr Claire Bankole

National Coordinator for Fusion Y&C UK

Hi! I’m Claire and it’s a privilege to introduce myself to you. I was born and raised mostly in the UK apart from seven years of my childhood spent in Nigeria, my dad’s homeland. I made a conscious decision to follow Jesus when I was 11 years old and at the age of 14 I had a clear call to missions and working with young people. I trained as a medical doctor, and began specialising in Peadiatrics. In my life I have been blessed to spend time doing mission in 8 countries on four continents (and many more on short visits!). Since my teens my passion has been to see others realise that they are known and loved by God and to see them equipped and released to do and be what God has called them to. I am grateful to have so many ways of doing that through my work with Fusion.

I first came across Fusion in 2003 when I returned home from South Sudan. After doing Fusion’s ‘Foundations for life and mission’ course, I headed to Australia and do Fusion’s training in Christian youth and community work. I went for 6 months and returned 3 ½ years later.

Some highlights for me from my journey with Fusion include working with an amazing group of teenagers at Trinity College in Tasmania. Another was pioneering Fusion’s work in South Africa with a team of twenty-somethings. And finally, visits to our teams in Cape Town and Albania for training, fun, good food and ‘coffee’!

Currently I am the National Coordinator for Fusion in the UK. I also lead the team in Whitley, Reading where we have just moved our National HQ, and I am part of a couple of teams whose roles are to serve our teams across the globe.


You can visit Claire’s Blog here.