Anika Parker

Born and raised in Australia, I moved to the UK in 1995 for a few years, and I’m still here! A little about me: I trained as a classical musician (playing french horn), I have a theology degree, I’ve hiked in the Grand Canyon, I’ve been in the back seat of a police car in the Czech Republic, I’ve been escorted off a plane by armed police in Singapore and I’m ordained in the Church of England.

I first encountered Fusion YAC while living and working in Germany, and became a full time staff member in May 2012. I’ve had the privilege of visiting our teams in South Africa and Albania, as well as being a part of the first Foundations course in Poland. One of my highlights so far has been the 2012 British Pilgrimage of Hope where we welcomed people from across the world, including a number of Fusion staff. It’s always nice to meet people face to face.

Currently I am a part of the team in Reading, getting stuck in to some on the ground, local work. I also have a real heart and passion for our work nationally and internationally. I have taken on editing our magazine Beyond the Horizons, and I’m looking forward to what else God has in store.

I love that I get to work with and support some of the most amazing, sacrificial, Godly people I know. Where else would you want to be?!

Anika, Lysi and Lorena

With Lorena and Lysi (Albanian staff members) in Korce, Albania