How We Describe Ourselves

Fusion Y&C UK is a community…

of friends, staff, team and volunteers; from all walks of life and different nationalities; singles, marrieds and families; old and young; individuals, groups, organisations and churches.

Our calling is

Together: Giving All. Finding Life. Bringing Hope.

As a Christ centred community we choose a life of mission, fellowship and service; our staff and team members are entirely self-supported. In many ways we are a model of a modern monastic community.

Our goal is to take whatever initiatives are necessary to see God’s goodness and his ‘Shalom’ expressed and experienced in our neighbourhood, across the UK and the whole world. We want to see the transformation of our nation, and we believe that the life and love of Christ in action, and the core values of our faith hold the key to a healthy, purposeful life as individuals, communities and a whole society.